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Bluestreak Superior Fibreglass Sail Battens

Since 1970, Permex Products have been continually developing the Bluestreak range of fibreglass battens.Over that period they have worked in close consultation with leading sail makers the world over to ensure that the make reflects the latest thinking in design and performance.

The result is a wide range of durable, lightweight battens to suit all classes of yacht from dinghy to maxi and that can perform reliably in all conditions. Battens that help bring out on the water the best of what the sail maker designs on the computer screen.

And although Bluestreak battens are premium quality product and represent a highly evolved level of technology they are a suprisingly affordable product given the difference they can produce.

The Bluestreak Advantage

Bluestreak have pioneered the pultruded F.R.P. process in their quest for the ultimate batten. The naturally superior advantages of Bluestreak pultruded sail battens are:

  • The highest glass reinforcement percentage (approx. 68%) of any F.R.P. manufacturing process, resulting in maximum stiffness for weight.
  • Specially formulated resins for high stress application. In the standard pultrusion process the glassfibre is 100% in one direction, leading to a potential weakness in the cross direction. Bluestreak have solved this problem with the unique X-20 cross-bonding additive which increases the bond between glass fibress and provides axial strength as well as uni-directional strength.
  • Lower pigment levels to avoid degrading the cureand reducing the strength properties of the matrix. The Vinylester formulation has no pigment to mask quality control and reduce cure and strength properties.
  • The epoxy-like properties and lower molecular weight of Vinylester battens make their extra cost negligible when considering their superior durability in light stress applications.
  • Optimised profiles to provide a low mass, low profile batten and to allow infinite shape-ability.

The Ultimate Sail Batten

The following properties are embodied in every batten Bluestreak makes:


Low Mass
Low Profile
Rigid Leech
Smooth to Touch
Maintenance Free

The unseen benefit is the in-built quality. At their modern factory, Bluestreak have control of the entire manufacture from liquid raw materials, on up to the finished product.

All pulltrusion raw materials are stored and used in temperature and humidity controlled conditions. This prevents resin viscosity changes due to temperature, and moisture problems in the air. Low pigment levels allow visual inspection through the profile during the manufacturing stage.

Bluestreak's production team constantly monitors and interfaces with the sailmaking industry to write software tapering programmes. Each batten is tapered to .01mm accuracy on computer controlled machines to provide the quality, repeatability and individuality determined by today's customer. To demonstrate commitment to quality every Vinylester batten sold has a 12 month replacement warranty.